LADAX® REFERENCES - buildings and similar structures

We apologise to all customers and companies not included in the Reference List. You can be included in this list by supplying demonstrable reference particulars. Thank you.
  AV Servis spol. s.r.o. - MSPSL Archive (01/2012)
  SYNER s. r. o. - Palace of Justice, a business center and incinerator BILLA TVO - Liberec (Building 2000); KAUFLAND shopping center - Decin
  DYNASPOL a.s. Beroun - Hall Hagleitner Nupaky (08/2009)
  Saos s.r.o. - Reconstruction of balconies (09/2010)
Podívat se na obrázek ARMABETON Kadaň a. s. - King's Walk reconstruction - Karlovy Vary
  DAS Blansko s. r. o. - Building the Residential Development of Zahradní město - Blansko
  DOPRASTAV Zvolen - Bridge structure waterproofing (Slovakia)
  ELEKTROVOD Bratislava a. s. - Waterproofing 22 KV substation - Piešťany (Slovakia)
Podívat se na obrázek FCC a. s. - Building project for French Secondary School - Praha
Podívat se na obrázek HÁBA a HÁBA spol. s r. o. - Hydrocarbon Repumping Station - Roztoky
Podívat se na obrázek HÁBA a HÁBA spol. s r. o. - Piggery liquid waste cesspit
  HÁBA a HÁBA spol. s r. o. - Staircase at the EXPO 58 Building - Praha
Podívat se na obrázek HÁBA a HÁBA spol. s r. o. - OBI Store basement waterproofing - Praha
  Hydrostav Vlčie Hrdlo - Waterproofing of operating tanks at Transpetrol Tupá (Slovakia)
  IPS a. s., závod 07 - Main sewer construction - Praha
  IPS a. s., závod 09 - Project of family houses - Praha
  JADOS s. r. o. - Waterproofing pumping chambers on the motorway section
  KONSTRUKTIVA BRANKO a. s. - Czech TV Pavilion at Kavčí Hory - Praha
  LUSTY s. r. o. - Waterproofing work at MITAS Complex - Praha
Podívat se na obrázek METROSTAV a. s., divize 9 - Prague Common Hall reconstruction - Praha
  MOND s. r. o. - Waterproofing clarifiers at Mělník Power Plant
  Pavel Bergman - BERGO - Cesspit waterproofing at DWA Vagónka Česká Lípa
  Pavel Bergman - BERGO - Hall of Justice - Liberec
  Pavel Bergman - BERGO - MAKRO Store - Ústí nad Labem
  Pavel Bergman - BERGO - BILLA Store - Liberec
  Pavel Bergman - BERGO - KAUFLAND Store - Děčín
  Pavel Bergman - BERGO - TVO Incinerator - Liberec (Building of year 2000)
  Pavel Bergman - BERGO - State Scientific Library - Liberec (Building of year 2001)
  Pavel Bergman - BERGO - Army Recreation Centre - Špindlerův mlýn
  PDH Dubové - Sillage pit waterproofing work
  Pozemné stavby Púchov s. r. o. - Waterproofing foundation structures - Bratislava (Slovakia)
  SHP Trenčín - Cooling tower rehabilitation at MATADOR (Slovakia)
  SHP Trenčín - Waterproofing smoothing-out pit at MATADOR (Slovakia)
  STAPROS Piešťany s. r. o. - Waterproofing concrete surfaces at the Nuclear Power Plant - J. Bohunice (SK)
  STATO-STAVBY s. r. o. - Waterproofing lift shafts
  VÁHOSTAV s. r. o. - Waterproofing lift shafts in multi-purpose building - Bratislava (SK)