LADAX® is a waterproofing system, or more precisely, a set of materials for the complete treatment of concrete, reinforced-concrete and brick structures to protect them against penetration by water and/or other liquids, (petroleum products, oils, silage liquors, etc.) in any direction.

The character and principle of the LADAX
® system is revolutionary; it creates crystallization dishes in the capillaries of the concrete once it is applied. This makes concrete materials impermeable. One of the great advantages of LADAX® is, compared with conventional surface insulations, that it prevents concrete materials from crumbling, and peeling-off, stops the washing-out of armature particles and protects them against other influences of an aggressive environment. In contrast to conventional waterproofing systems, there is no danger of material ruptures or separation, etc. In reinforced-concrete structures, armature materials are protected against oxidation. Additionally, LADAX® seals the structural system and prevents the penetration of molecules of liquid water, while at the same time it is permeable to water vapour, which means that concrete structures can "breathe" and moisture is not accumulated inside

To apply LADAX
® successfully it is important to follow the relevant technological procedure. Do not apply the material to frozen surfaces and/or at ambient temperatures below +5C. In high temperatures, make sure that the surfaces to be treated are thoroughly wet-through before and after applications of LADAX® materials.

Skeleton sketch work of crystallization paint LADAX